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Party Planning Paranoia

I am ready for this.  We will travel, host house guests, practice self-care, make fun and entertain as many distractions as I can muster.  My ukulele is sitting there ready to be learned.  You can cry into a guitar, but … Continue reading

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The Guilt of Dodging the Bullet

This is Part Two of the story of Jessica and LeRoy. “You’re here about LeRoy!  He has 3 daughters!  Jessica is my friend!”  My voice sounded like it was coming from a stranger’s mouth. Their eyes told me the truth … Continue reading

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Jessica and LeRoy

Our back yards were so close that when we both fired up the grill for dinner, the smoke joined into one cloud above the privacy fence.  I don’t remember the first time we finally spoke to each other;  we sized … Continue reading

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Hell on the Homefront

When writing about difficult things, I generally try to include humor or funny anecdotes.  In this case, I could find neither.  I share this mainly to provide the background of my story and to educate those who do not have … Continue reading

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