I am Megan. This is my story.

In April, 2011, I left the ranks of Army wives to join the ranks Wounded Warrior wives when my husband suffered severe injuries in Afghanistan.  My world turned upside down.  I’ve just begun putting it upright again.  This is the retelling of our journey, to the best of my recollection.

I do not represent all spouses, the military, or even my husband.  This is what happened to me, from my perspective.  I share my experiences so that people who are shielded from the wars can have a glimpse of what it is like for those of us here on the homefront. I share because I think there are others walking this path who need to know they aren’t alone.

I swear a lot.  I lean to the left, I own a firearm, I am an unapologetic patriot, and I hug trees.  I spend a lot of time wondering why we all can’t just get along.  I fail a lot.  I succeed a lot, too.  I am a nerd with a morbid sense of humor.  I have strong opinions and love an honest debate to test them out.

Giving you my story is letting you see the naked, obscene parts of my soul.  Your commentary has the potential to inflict serious damage. To protect myself, I have some cohorts who will monitor the comment section.  If you are mean, nasty, threatening or otherwise unpleasant, your comments will be deleted.  I fully support your first amendment rights; if you would like to spew hatred in your own space, go ahead.  This is my space.  Dissent if you like, but do it with respect–for  me and for each other.

You can reach  me at ofpiratesandpups (at) gmail (dot) com or on Facebook.


2 Responses to I am Megan. This is my story.

  1. April Bayne says:

    Finally some brilliance I can read on a regular basis. I cannot wait! You have a way of putting your readers in the moment and on the brink of every emotion you have felt. Your talent knows no bounds. I have long awaited Megan to take us on her journey. Thank you for bravely sharing your life in real terms. I am overflowing with pride!

  2. Rocio Bates says:

    I appreciate you. I admire you. Thank you for being you and for sharing yourself, Megan. May your vulnerability bring others out of shame and into the meadow of grace.

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