Don’t come in the house with mud on your boots!


The best thing to see on the front porch. It means they’re home!

My story involves a lot of other people’s stories.  In order to share our experiences in a real and honest way, I need to include those stories as well.  Before I publish them here, I contact the folks I’ve written about and ask for their permission.  In some cases I will be changing names, dates and locations.  Once I write a draft, I allow the people I’ve written about to look over it before I share it here.  Because the subject matter is so difficult, it may take time before certain parts of our story can be shared.

While I’m waiting for a draft to be reviewed, I figured I would address you friends and readers.  If you have a story to share and would like it to be here, I will do my best to accommodate you.   We can alter it so it is anonymous or we can share with your real name.  Our stories are important.  People who are insulated from the wars need to hear them.  Those who want to support military families but don’t know how, need to first understand our experiences.  Your story is important and I am happy to help you tell it.

Please be careful when you read.  I will likewise be careful when I write.  We need to share, we need to connect, we need to remember, but we also need to protect our minds and hearts when we are struggling.  These pages will contain difficult material that could act as triggers for servicemembers, spouses, parents, siblings, and caregivers–especially for those who have experienced these things alongside me.

Other housekeeping:  I will be working on a crisis page and a general resources page.  Comments are moderated so it might take some time before you see them published.  I might start a FB page for the blog so it’s easier to share.  I think I will get an email that is dedicated to this space. WordPress and I are just getting to know each other. For now we are a little at odds.  We are seeking counseling to resolve our issues, but if you receive 5 emails about the same damn post just realize that we’re having yet another squabble.  Sorry about that.

Any other thoughts and suggestions are welcomed, but may not be heeded.

And, as always, don’t come in the house with mud on your boots.

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